Water Filtration

Thursday, February 27 | 2:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Thursday, February 27 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Session Chair


Hervé Buisson

Vice President, Veolia Water


2:15 PM

Keynote Speaker

Eric Hoek, Ph.D.

Professor, University of California - UCLA

Engineering the Next-Generation of Membrane Materials Needed to Achieve Global Water Sustainability Goals

3:15 PM
Peter Waldron

Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing , Toray Membrane USA, Inc

Current and Future Membrane Technologies to Solve Modern Water Worries

3:45 PM
Jayraj Joshi, Ph.D.

Product Innovation Specialist, Purafil Filtration Group

Targeted Odorous Gas Removal

5:30 PM
Hervé Buisson

Vice President, Veolia Water



Tuesday, February 25
9:00am -6:00pm Filter Media Training Course - Day 1
Wednesday, February 26
9:00am -3:00pm Filter Media Training Course - Day 2
9:00am -11:00am Biopharmaceutical I
11:00am -11:45am Break
11:45am -12:45pm Biopharmaceutical II
12:45pm -2:15pm Break
2:15pm -4:15pm Membrane Technologies I
2:15pm -4:15pm Air/Gas Filtration I
4:15pm -5:00pm Break
5:00pm -6:00pm Membrane Technologies II
5:00pm -6:00pm Air/Gas Filtration II
Thursday, February 27
9:00am -11:00am Nanofiber Filter Media
11:00am -11:45am Break
11:45am -12:45pm Nanofiber Filter Media
12:45pm -2:15pm Break
2:15pm -4:15pm Water Filtration I
2:15pm -4:15pm Filter Media Modeling I
4:15pm -5:00pm Break
5:00pm -6:00pm Water Filtration II
5:00pm -6:00pm Filter Media Modeling II
Friday, February 28
9:00am -11:00am Separation & Manufacturing I
11:00am -11:45am Break
11:45am -12:45pm Separation & Manufacturing II

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